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4+2 axis Motion controller

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4+2 axis Motion controller


1. Embedded-based four-wheel stand-alone type controller

4+2 axis motion controller, developed based on the embedded way, is a stand-alone type controller able to carry out four-wheel motion control and digital in- and out-put control of 32 points. As the type of controlling positions by outputting pulse, it can control AC/DC servo motor of pulse input method and step motor, which means it can widely be used the entire industries. It can be applied as Network Type by providing TCP/IP-used Communication, and when it applies Micro SD Card, it can also be used as a stand-alone type controller.

2. H/W spec
*Number of controlling axes: 4 axes
*Digital I/O : 16/16CH (when using expansion modules 32/32CH)
*Analog I/O : when using expansion modules AD 2CH / DA 1CH
*PWM Output : 1CH
*Trigger Output : 1CH
*MPG Input : 1CH
*output frequency: ~ 10.0Mpps
*encoder counter : 32bit
*Maximum current for general-purpose output : per point of contact 20mA
*communications: Ethernet 10/100 x 1port, Host USB x 1port consumed power : +24V (2.5A)
*operating temperature : 0~60℃
*Operating humidity : 5~90% (there should be no condensation)
*storage temperature : -20~70℃
*Size : 105 x 150 x 30mm (H, W, D)
*size of fixed holes: 97 x 142mm (H, W)

3. S/W spec
*Shortened position/speed drive
*linear interpolation, circular interpolation, helical interpolation

*Shortened position/speed override drive
*interpolation position/speed override drive

*Shortened/interpolation stop
*Look Ahead interpolation
*E-gear drive
*E-cam drive Flying motion drive
*Modbus Protocol support UltraPL (Program Language) support
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4_2 axis Motion controller