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Ceramic 3D Printing

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Ceramic 3D Printing


Ceramic 3D Printing Equipment is the one designed for excellent discharge response using a screw type dispenser so possible to discharge exactly the high viscosity materials such as ceramic ones difficult to discharge by Air and to inject them precisely through 5-axis motor and nozzle control. Also, different 2 more materials each other can be used separately or by mixing so it is the equipment possible to inject with user’s requiring materials.


Component Summary Explanation for Ceramic 3D Printing
Printing Type Extruder Screw
Physical Dimension 500*550*820mm
Weight 150kg
Axis 5 axis
System Windows
Motor 5 phase stepping motor 5pcs
Ball Screw Lead 10
Travel 170*170*50mm (X, Y, Z)
Iterative precision 5㎛
Conveyed Speed 1,200mm/min
Speed 0~300%


Characteristics of ceramic 3D printing equipment

1) Ceramic 3D printing equipment

  • This product is compatible with a code data created by 3D grid.
  • It is composed of main body, power panel, and control system, the power panel is used with the switch power so stable.
  • The Controller and interface is compatible with the system of the institutes 100%.
  • The path graphic function is possible to verify the program.
  • It is composed of machine part, Controller part and software part separately each other to do follow-up service easily.

2)Screw Dispenser & Screw Controller

  • Possible to discharge a fixed quantity regardless of viscosity change and differential head : Even if there is a change of liquid viscosity and differential head in the vessel due to external environment, exact discharge is available.
  • Operate to discharge without nozzle end’s liquid drops(Ball-Up phenomenon) : There is the function of adjustable Such Back one so no nozzle end’s drops.
  • Possible to discharge the fixed quantity without a pulsation : Pro-Pump is the way to discharge by controlling through a precise motor and available to discharge the fixed quantity without the pulsation change of pressure.
  • Simple structure so easy to disassemble, assemble and clean : The structure of the Pro-Pump is simple so easy to disassemble and assemble it on maintenance.
  • Liquid with Filler can be discharged exactly : Successive feed system of closed space can let it discharge the exact quantity without the particle damage.

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Ceramic 3D Printing